Thursday, 27 October 2016

Kimi no Na Wa (Your Name) (Anime Movie) Review

Hey, I'm back!!! Today I'm bringing to you a new anime movie that I've recently watched, Kimi no Na Wa aka Your Name. As you know I like to watch animes especially anime movies, so this is me here again reviewing about this movie. In overall, the movie have my approval as a very nice movie and its not your typical anime movie that wastes your time. This movie is like full on impact all the way from the start to the end. The feels that you experience in this movie has both ups and downs. As shown in the wikipedia or myanimelist, this movie is a romance, and science fiction genre youth film. You'll probably think is it the same as the Girl who leaped through time? The answer is NO!!!

So...this story talks about a boy(Taki) and a girl(Mizuha) one day swap bodies for a day. Mizuha stays in a rural village in Japan where Taki stays at Tokyo. At first, they thought it was a dream but later found out that they swapped bodies for real. So this was before the comet of the millennium came. As the story goes, for a start its like "Oh, this is funny!!! They swap bodies and do something funny that their friends never expected and return back to their ownselves the next day." But this is not the end yet, suddenly the swap stopped. So Taki is the only one found it strange as the body swapping was going on for like almost a month. So now the adventure begins.(Don't want to give spoilers >.<)

So this is not your typical anime movie. In terms of story, it is good but it can be better and in terms of the drawings and background, they are superb. And here I end my review. So in the end, it is a really must watch anime movie. Stay tuned for my next review if I have one. ^^

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Tokyo Ghoul Root A Review

TV Visual season 2
So...Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 anime Root A had just finish 2 weeks ago and here I am ranting out my opinion for this anime. In overall, the season 2 of this anime is different from the manga as stated in the information in wikipedia. In my opinion, I really prefer the storyline in the anime then in the manga, at least it shows why Kaneki wants to get strong by joining the aogiri while the manga states that he went free rage mode and the ending of the anime is more legit then the manga where its a bit confusing. Eventhough both didn't state whether Amon died on the spot or they just counted him as dead, the anime at least shows how Hide died and how Kaneki cared for his friend until the end. The only part is the anime did not feature the fight between Arima and Kaneki. Another confusing part in the anime is that how Kaneki received his kakuja, as in the manga he ate some failed experimented ghoul to get it. In conclusion, the anime is not bad and the plot is well fitting. Hope you like my review. :)

Monday, 10 November 2014

Naruto manga series ending review

As every manga fan out there know that the Naruto manga series is already over and here I am here only starting to write a review about. I know...its like have been 4 here is my thinking of this manga ending. Overall, the ending is not that bad seeing that it shows that Naruto fulfill his dream in becoming the 7th Hokage and he has a son and daughter where Sasuke still roams around to see the world without Sakura and his daughter(emotionless kid who lacks serious father love). The only thing is why doesn't Naruto's children have the Byakugan, seeing as Hinata is a Hyuga at least Kishimoto should let one of the children have the Byakugan. And another thing is Kakashi doesn't look like he had grown old compared to Might Guy... Is he secretly consuming some non-grow old medicine? In conclusion, Kishimoto should write a side story like the life of the ninjas after the 4th Shinobi War so we can know how the kids in the epilogue are living seeing the major enemy is gone... So, this is the end of my manga review. I may review some animes or dramas next if I find time... :)

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Addicted to Arrow and The Flash

Recently, I was at YouTube and I found a trailer of the new series The Flash. I looked it up and I found it to be quite interesting. So, I went to streaming site and I watched it. I found out the same company which is CW made another series called Arrow which was released in 2012 and The Flash has only 4 episodes(including this week) and Arrow had already done 2 seasons and the 3rd is currently airing. The pilot for both the series are quite promising and I continued watching. Eventhough the stories of both of them differ from the stories from the comics but the changes in the stories made the story quite interested and changed my views of the series. So, now I guess I will be watching the 2 seasons of Arrow and then watch The Flash and the 3rd season of Arrow later on. Sigh...Now I am seriously addicted to both of the series. I hope that I could finish my work.

Introduction + Reason

Hi, Everyone!!! You guys are probably thinking why someone need to have this blog and what is it for? As you guys have seen in my blog description, this blog is something for me to say things about how I feel that is good, bad and somewhat about myself and other stuff like movies, dramas and TV shows. I was actually thinking why should I have something like this in a way? Cause to be honest I am not a person who likes to write about myself so in the end I just made this so that I could say about my feelings not only about something that is happening in my life but also other random stuff. Finally, please forgive me for you guys to read this unreasonable post and I hope you guys have a good day. :)